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The island of Bali with unique culture and natural beauty has well known all over the world , with several times received the title of best destinations in the world and the last recently earned the nickname ” The Island Of Love ” . Would that the people of Bali as a subject in the destination can provide significant support in this case being friendly , provide appropriate facilities to travelers desire in which naturalism and culture can be maintained.

Moreover, Buleleng City which is the northern part of the island of Bali which has the largest regency in Bali and have historically history in the Dutch colonial era , into the Lesser Sunda Capital at that time . Moreover, there are many natural charm has its own characteristics include Lovina Beach , Hot Water Banjar , Gitgit Water Falls , Singsing Water Falls, Banyu Wedang Hot Water , Air Sanih and many others .

The existence of the trend patterns of the guests stay , where guests prefer to stay at Villa and can feel and enjoy the natural atmosphere , mingle and witness firsthand the notabena Balinese life as an artist and farmer who still maintain , preserve and develop the culture of indigenous ancestral Bali or archipelago that keep and maintain the farming community within an organization’s tradition of noble ancestors Adhi Bali, ” Subak ” , and even this has been a trend lately loyal visitors want to have Bali Villa in Bali .

Equally important location ” VILLA mountains Gambuh ” very close to the region of Buleleng Lovina and Singaraja City . ” VILLA Gambuh mountains ” because it’s built really in one region ” Hill / Punduk ” very beautiful with views of rice fields , connect to the tourist area Lovina and the North Sea island of Bali is very charming

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